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What is Global Exchange? How can I contact your Customer Service in Denmark?

Online money orders

Can I place an online money order in Denmark? Will I get the same conditions of the airport if I book online?

Travel money at branches

Where can I exchange currency in Denmark with Global Exchange? What are the opening hours at your branches? What currencies do you accept at your branches in Denmark? Do you charge any service fee when exchanging at your branches? How much money can I exchange in your branches? What payment methods do you accept at your branches in Denmark? Is it necessary to submit any documents to carry out a foreign exchange transaction in Denmark? Do you accept traveller cheques at your branches in Denmark? Which Tax Free companies do you work with? What is the Tax Free service about? What happens if I receive a counterfeit note? What happens if I notice there was a mistake on my exchange and I am already far away from a Global Exchange branch?

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Where can I check your job vacancies in Denmark? Where can I send my resume?

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