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Términos y condiciones

El futuro es global, sé parte de Global Exchange.

The services that we make reference to in these Legal terms will be provided according to the present Terms and Conditions, which reflect our obligations in the role of supplier, your rights and obligations as customer, as well as information relative to the currency exchange activity taking place remotely.

The owner of this website is Global Exchange Denmark ApS, an organisation whose registered address is c/o Copenhagen Airport, Terminal 3, 2. sal, kontor 85, Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770, Kastrup and identification number 37306924. This company is duly authorised for the currency exchange activity, in accordance to the Danish Law.

Eurodivisas, S.A is the parent company and main shareholder of different Subsidiaries, equally authorised by the corresponding official authorities in each country to provide currency exchange services. Eurodivisas, S.A, together with its Subsidiaries, constitute the business group Global Exchange Group.

Global Exchange Denmark ApS has registered its domain www.globalexchange.dk in Denmark and operates in the market under the trademark Global Exchange.

The Terms of Use of the websites owned by Eurodivisas, S.A. (hereinafter Global Exchange) can be consulted on the webpage www.global-exchange.com.



Accessing any of the websites owned by Global Exchange confers the subject the condition of user, and entails full acceptance and without reservation, on the part of the user, of all the present legal terms, as well as the dispositions established by the applicable laws currently in force, without causing any disservice to the particular terms that need to be applied in case the user wishes to hire any of the services offered.


To participate in some of the functionalities and activities offered by the Global Exchange websites, including but not limited to, currency exchange transactions, job applications and accepting the loyalty programme, it might be required for the user to complete a registration form and to accept the Legal Terms and the Privacy and Data protection policy, thus becoming a registered user.

All data required to fill in the forms will be provided voluntarily, and therefore will have to be truthful and conform to reality.

The registered user is requested to using the website diligently and not to share his username or password (if applies) with third parties, as well to inform Global Exchange, without delay, of any loss, theft or dangerous access to such data by a third party.


A user that after completing the currency exchange transaction decides to register in the website will have, from that moment on, a Customer account that will grant him online access to all information relating to his transaction record, as well as more favourable conditions when purchasing products offered by Global Exchange.

The registered user must update his personal data, and inform Global Exchange of any modification affecting such details.


Global Exchange offers you the possibility of ordering money online to be later collected and paid for at any of our branches (money order with collection at branches).

Ordering money online with collection at branches allows you to pick up and pay for your currency at the airports in Billund and Copenhagen at a 10% off over the one you would get by purchasing your currency directly in our branches.


Users must provide an email address and a telephone number so that Global Exchange can contact them and confirm the order accordingly.

Orders through the website can be placed in English.

The threshold for online money orders is 5900€ per calendar quarter, including transactions taking place at our airport or high-street branches, or those carried out online or by phone. This amount might vary at any given moment, although it won't affect orders that have already been accepted.

Only certain currencies are in stock, so the order must adjust to those available. The website will inform Customers, along with any currency order, about its availability ("in stock" or "awaiting restock") and the estimated date of delivery, which will depend on such availability.


When placing an order, the user will be informed (again, by phone or through the transactional website) about the price, which is a variable concept depending on the branch selected for collection, having to make the payment on the day of the collection of the order at the same exchange rate on the day of the online order.

It must be taken into account that the exchange rates published by Central Banks are those applied to their own transactions. The rest of entities (banks and currency exchange companies) are under no obligation of applying such rates, and are in fact allowed to apply a trade margin and/or commission to such rates. Global Exchange only applies a trade margin, which can vary depending on the selected currency and/or the desired amount (the bigger the amount, the better exchange rate). Occasionally Global Exchange may apply exchange fees which will depend on the airport, currency or quantity to be exchanged.


In money orders with collection at branches, the full amount of the order will be paid in cash at the selected branch on the date of your choice.


Once the order with collection at branches has been placed and accepted by us, the user will receive a confirmation by email specifying the details of the transaction: rates, expenses, form of payment, branch and day and time slot for collection.

If the order is not accepted by the user, there will be no consequences ascribed to him.


The orders will be collected at the branch selected on the website.

Only the person who placed the order will be authorised to collect it, thus having to prove their identity by submitting their ID.


The user can cancel an order before the date of collection. We will under no circumstance charge the user for this service.

To cancel an online order or a pre-order, the user has to contact the Global Exchange Customer Service as soon as possible on our free phone number +45 75 354 440, and provide the order or pre-order identification number.

Global Exchange considers orders, which have not been collected within 15 days after the original date of collection as cancelled transactions.


Global Exchange, in compliance with the regulations applicable to its activity, informs users that:

  1. Global Exchange has a Customer Service Department that users can turn to with their complaints and enquiries, by writing to this address:
    1. Mailing address: Global Exchange Denmark ApS
      Copenhagen Airport, Terminal 3, 2. sal, kontor 85,
      Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
      2770 Kastrup
    2. Email address: m.devargas@globalexchange.dk.
    Said department will answer and deal with your complaints and grievances within a period of 1 month upon their submission. If the case is complex the handling of this might be more time-consuming. The department will notify the Customer if more time is required for the handling of the complaint.
  2. If no agreement can be reached on a complaint, the user can complain to the Competition and Consumer Authority's Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsen Vej 35, 2500 Valby, if the conditions are met. Complaints can be made to the Center for Complaint Resolution via the following link www.forbrug.dk.
  3. European Commission's online complaint portal can also be used when filing a complaint. This is particularly relevant if the user is a consumer residing in another EU country. The complaint may be submitted at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/odr. When filing a complaint Global Exchange's e-mail address must be provided: atencioncliente@grupoglobalexchange.com.
  4. Global Exchange is subject to compliance with laws of Denmark regarding currency exchange activity and other related activities preformed in connection with exchange of currency, such as for instance the Danish Act of 31 August 10/ 20130, 28 April (No. 1022), on prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.


CVR NUMBER 37306924
REGISTERED OFFICE Copenhagen Airport, Terminal 3, 2. sal, kontor 85, Lufthavnsboulevarden 62770 Kastrup
EMAIL arco@globalexchange.dk
PURPOSES OF PROCESSING - Contractual purposes.

- Commercial purposes.
RECIPIENTS - Processors located in the EU or outside the EU with adequate safeguards.

- Other recipients, as required by law.
LEGAL BASIS Entering into the currency sale and purchase agreement.
RIGHTS Access, rectify and erase data, as well as other rights, as described in the additional information.
PURPOSES OF PROCESSING For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.



1.- What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file downloaded into your computer when accessing certain websites. Cookies are used by websites, among other things, to store and recover information about the surfing habits of a user or his equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way the equipment is used, they can be employed to recognise the user. The user’s browser stores cookies in the hard drive only during the current session, using a minimum space and without damaging the computer. Cookies are in most cases deleted from the hard drive when the user closes the browser (“session cookies”).

Most browsers accept cookies as a standard, but they can be set to allow or block temporary or stored cookies.

2.- Our cookies.

We use technical cookies in our website. They allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or app and use the different options and services offered, such as, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted access areas, remembering elements that are part of an order, making purchases, submitting a membership or participation form, using security elements during navigation, storing content for broadcasting video and sound or sharing content on social networks.

Additionally, we use the following cookies, from third parties:

  • Advertising cookies from the Affiliate Network Partner Zanox (supplier company): Zanox AG (Permanent): this network is integrated by thousands of websites that can choose to advertise Global Exchange to promote our currency exchange services. If a user clicks on one of those ads and makes a purchase in our website during a session, or several days after using the same equipment (same PC, tablet or cell phone) without deleting this kind of cookies, Global Exchange will be aware of the fact that the order or pre-order came from this given website and will compensate it, and Zanox, with the commission agreed beforehand for succeeding in getting a user to make a purchase.
    More information: http://www.zanox.com/es/
  • Advertising cookies from double click (supplier company: Google Inc.) (Permanent):this network integrates thousands of websites that give support so that Google, based on context criteria (search carried out on a search engine and website of the network visited), displays Global Exchange ads on said website. The idea is to assess through these cookies whether a purchase taking place on the Global Exchange website is the product of an advert displayed on one of the websites of the Google network. This can only be assessed if a purchase is carried out using the same equipment (same PC, tablet or cell phone) where the advert was originally accessed and the cookies have not been deleted.
    More information: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/2839090?hl=en
  • Analysis cookies Google Analytics (supplier company Google Inc.) [Permanent cookie]: they are used to analyse the behaviour of the users who visit us, within the context of our website, in terms of number of visits, sections accessed, origin source of visit, length, etc. This kind of data does not allow in any way to identify the user that has visited our website.
    More information: http://www.google.es/intl/en/policies/technologies/types/
  • User interface customisation cookies [Permanent]: they are used to save the last amount of currency entered in the exchange widget in our website by a user, in a specific device. If after closing our browser, you open it again and you go to the Global Exchange website without deleting the cookies, we will be able to see the last exchange transaction consulted.

3.- Management of cookies.

Any user can delete the cookies downloaded to his device (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) by going to the settings option in the browser installed in their computer. They can also be disabled, but the website won't able to function properly as the exchange application requires the cookies to be enabled in order to maintain the exchange rate during a transaction flow.


These Legal terms will be interpreted and executed in accordance with the laws of Denmark.

Any sort of controversy derived from its interpretation and execution is subjected to the jurisdiction of Denmark courts in the city the user is resident of.


Global Exchange reserves the right to amend these Legal terms and conditions at any time. Please, check these conditions again before placing an order.

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