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About us

What is Global Exchange?

Global Exchange is a Spanish Company, leader in foreign exchange nationwide and the second in the world, rendering service to private individuals in their trips for business or pleasure.

Our company is located in the main airports, hotels and shopping centers of 21 countries, serving over 5.5 million customers a year.

We are present, in Denmark, with branches and an online currency exchange service, with collection at our branches at Copenhagen and Billund International Airports, for a wide range of foreign currencies.

How can I contact your Customer Service in Denmark?

You can contact our Customer Service in Denmark by dialing +45 75 354 440 any day, 6am to 10pm or submitting our contact form.

Online money orders

Can I place an online money order in Denmark?

Yes. Global Exchange provides an online money order service for your trip to collect at one of our branches at Copenhagen or Billund International Airports, in Denmark.

Besides getting the best exchange rate for your online exchange (more travel cash for the same price), this service allows you to save time and reduce anxiety, as you will have the currency you need ready for your trip abroad.

Place your order online and pay for it upon collection at the branch of your choice on the day of your trip whether you are a Danish resident travelling abroad or an inbound traveler in need of buying Danish Krones (DKK).

By ordering online you qualify for a 25% off the exchange margin, and you collect your currency and pay directly at the airport the day you travel.

Will I get the same conditions of the airport if I book online?

No, the exchange rate applied to orders placed on the website in Denmark (for buyers of foreign currency or inbound travelers buying DKK) is more advantageous for you than at the airport branches. By ordering online you qualify for a 25% off the exchange margin, and you collect your currency and pay directly at the airport the day you travel. This way we can make sure you get the best rates online.

If you need more information or have doubts, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Travel money at branches

Where can I exchange currency in Denmark with Global Exchange?

Global Exchange has currency exchange branches at Copenhagen and Billund International Airports. You can find us in various convenient locations at the Terminal buildings, Arrivals and Departures. Check the exact location of all our branches in Denmark.

Besides Denmark, our company is present in another 19 countries and is currently embarked on a constant expansion process throughout Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

What are the opening hours at your branches?

In Billund, the branches located in the departures lounge is open from 4am. to 10pm. The branch located in the baggage claim area is open from 9am to 11:30pm, while the third one, which can be found opposite the check-in desks, is open from 7:30am to 5pm.

In Copenhagen, our four branches are open every day of the year from 5am to midnight.

What currencies do you accept at your branches in Denmark?

We want to offer an integral service to our Customers, so we provide foreign exchange services with 30 currencies: Arab Emirates dirham, Australian dollar, Brazilian real, British pound, Bulgarian lev, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan, Croatian kuna, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Egyptian pound, Euro, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian forint, Icelandic krona, Indian rupee, Israeli new shekel, Japanese yen, Mexican peso, Norwegian krone, Polish zloty, Romanian leu, Scottish pound, Singapore dollar, South African rand, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Thai baht, Turkish lira and US dollar.

Do you charge any service fee when exchanging at your branches?

We currently do not charge any service fees for any of our currency exchange transactions at Copenhagen international airport. However, at Billund International airport we charge a fee depending on the currency you exchange. Please check this fee in any of our branches at the airport.

How much money can I exchange in your branches?

There is no minimum amount to perform a foreign exchange transaction. Top limit is set out in 15,000 US dollars (or its equivalent in DKK) per natural quarter (from 1st January to 31st March, for instance), as set out by internal corporate policies based on Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

What payment methods do you accept at your branches in Denmark?

In order to offer you the best possible service, we accept different methods to pay for your travel money at our branches: cash, Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Is it necessary to submit any documents to carry out a foreign exchange transaction in Denmark?

Yes, according to internal policies related to anti-money laundering, a valid ID is required in order to record the details of every Customer carrying out a foreign exchange transaction at our branches.

Do you accept traveller cheques at your branches in Denmark?

No, traveller cheques are not accepted.

Which Tax Free companies do you work with?

At our airport branches in Demark we partner up with Tax Free Premier and Global Blue. Please note that Global Exchange acts as a mere agent or intermediary for theses tax free companies, and that our only role is to refund you your money in cash. For any specific questions on the tax free process, please contact any of the companies above.

What is the Tax Free service about?

If you are not a resident in the European Union and you have been travelling around Demark or any other member state, you have the right to get a tax refund at the airport for your purchases in the country.

To be able to get a tax refund for your purchases in Denmark the amount spent in each store shall be over 300 DKK and you have to seal the documents in customs within a period of 3 months since the tax refund cheque was issued.

What happens if I receive a counterfeit note?

The accuracy and seriousness that drive our transactions make this situation very unlikely. However, if this happens, we will proceed to replace the banknote in that very moment.

Besides, for the safety of our Customers, Global Exchange records the serial numbers of banknotes in such a way that counterfeited notes can be detected, or in case a Customer has a complaint, we can check whether it came from our branches or not.

What happens if I notice there was a mistake on my exchange and I am already far away from a Global Exchange branch?

No matter where you are, Global Exchange is a multinational company with several channels you can contact us through. Our excellence in Customer Service makes us consider and resolve each and every problem that our Customers report us, in the best possible way.

Work with us

Where can I check your job vacancies in Denmark?

You can check our current job vacancies in Denmark on our website. If you can’t find what you are looking for, send us your resume at: rrhh@grupoglobalexchange.com and maybe you’ll be part of our team in the near future.

Where can I send my resume?

You can send us your resume through our website, where you can also check our current vacancies available in Denmark.

In Global Exchange we believe in the talent, motivation and commitment of our team, which has made us the third leading currency exchange company in the world. Consequently, we put at your disposal a working environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop their potential.

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